Wheelchair seats

Here you will find information about our wheelchair seats.

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BRØNDUMSEATS EASY CHAIR is a strong and ergonomic seat system with numerous adjustment possibilities. The seat system has been developed focusing on comfort for the user, usability for the nursing staff, and expense reduction for the paying or subsidizing local authorities.

You can choose between three different back rest types depending on the needs of the user: either the moulded back rest of the SPORT model, or the backs for removable cushions of the COMFORT model and the ADVANCE back, which can be angled at the top.

The removable cushions system brings unique possibilities of adjusting the sitting comfort. Both seat- and back cushions are delivered as standard in different shapes and sizes, so you can always find a combination that gives you the right stability and pressure distribution.

Seat- and back rest frame are constructed with the possibility of mounting a wide variety of accessories, for example headrests, seat belts, bag holders etc. In fact, most positioning system in the market can be used.

The seat complies with all relevant requirements of the medical devices directive 93/42/eøf.